• gracistos

    Come sing in Brazil, preferably also in São Paulo SP, I love you John

  • Millie:-D

    i'm sorry. :-( your still amazing and i still love you but please change it back... and come to Brighton

  • Millie:-D

    The following comment has nothing to do with this picture! Why did you change your hair, John! WHY! I never thought I could say this but, :-( its made you slightly less awsome :-( im sad now please change it back!

  • MaryOliveira

    Come sing in Brazil, preferably in Brasilia DF and I'll see you

  • DeibisGuerra

    Such a singer. Greetings from Venezuela!

  • ilovejohnnewman160

    love this amazing picture!

  • Chiara

    Love this pic. Come back to Denmark as soon as possible, we already miss you here :/

  • DianaTiron

    I have seen you wensday :)

  • Millie:-D

    this pic is my screen saver , john please come to brighton again i mist ur last gig cos it was sold out allready! We love u john !

  • leslie

    me and sister saw u in bristol best show seen totally love u xx

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